Do Your Design On Line

Hello and welcome to our Blog,

Do Your Design On line, (Industrial Plant Design Systems)

Work from a web page,

The system is hosted /cloud based,

don’t let that put you off, it means your data is all local (or remains at a location of your choice), that means all that’s private remains private.

We are describing our system as being Data Transparent, which further describes the hosted tool.

So why use it

You get world class functionality at a price far below the equivalent provisioning and maintenance cost of such a system,  we believe this to be an advantage over the premisis based system.

We welcome any comments anyone has

we are focused on Data Centred Design Systems for applicatins in the Industrial Plant Life Cycle business


About Patrick Leonard

Work process for Design is rapidly changing, Cloud in many ways has lost its silver lining, the potential of cloud has not delivered, my experience has yielded some very interesting insights into this, starting with a better solution is not going to be the chosen solution. Many more factors are at play here. Some new additions to this site are an adaptation of earlier work, and a re-defining of the original offering, which in many ways did not reach the customer, the reasons for this were surprising.
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