Integration V local support

CAD to data integration, most SME’s think it comes with CAD, if not; the beloved reseller and local IT delivers ….. other wise its not really needed, excessive, too expensive, a pipe dream, world not ready for it.

Not so …….. here’s how it stacks up in reality.

Oil n gas industry is slicing 50% and more of end to end project delivery by using data integration, this level of integration is finding work for 600 people in organizations with 20,000 or more employed, it delivers ongoing bench-marked performance, if you think the usual CAD vendor reseller, IT, in house expert chain delivers anything this, think again.

50% on projects is a big claim, delivering savings like this for 6K per seat is a steal, especially when its bench-marked, implemented with minimum disruption and best of all payment can be indexed to performance, that’s all win and no risk.

Pharma, Semiconductor and Utilities will never reach that with its localized IT, contractor and consultant roles., this condition is entirely forgivable when set against the back drop of what these industries deliver, ie chips, medication and power, scoping out project delivery performance is to many orders of association from their skill sets.

Data integration and performance Data Asset Life-Cycle systems are not going to generate immediate revenue, scoping out and getting such systems to work is not going to happen within SME skill sets, any that do will never employ up to 600 people, this cuts out all the can do that as well reactions that are natural to denial of change.
If the vision for effective and efficient project delivery is not going to employ 600 plus people, then its not based in reality, simple as.
This is why a service integrator delivers performance tools to SME’s large and small, the 95% project platform is distributed over all SME’s in Pharma, Process, Utilities and Semi conductor, result is low cost high performance bench-marked project tools that slash more than 50% of current project delivery costs.
Unless the integration system employs between 4 to 600 people, its not a performance system, it’s a one trick Pony at the parish pump, don’t be tempted by the local jesters, no one buckets water faster than a scared sailor, too many local jesters in this industry, this is based on hard evidence from the Oil and gas industry.

Our vision is an integrated low cost project delivery platform for any SME large or small.


About Patrick Leonard

Work process for Design is rapidly changing, Cloud in many ways has lost its silver lining, the potential of cloud has not delivered, my experience has yielded some very interesting insights into this, starting with a better solution is not going to be the chosen solution. Many more factors are at play here. Some new additions to this site are an adaptation of earlier work, and a re-defining of the original offering, which in many ways did not reach the customer, the reasons for this were surprising.
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