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One definition of a Data Centered Design system is, when the primary reference for all components and their position within a 3D model is the Data Base, the system is said to be Data Centered.
Data Centering a design system eliminates the dreaded data silo that is the large CAD file, it allows for freer flow of information and leverages all the advantages of an enterprise class data base has to offer, in terms of security, application access, data post processing and many more, it also makes the system a good candidate for cloud deployment.

ROI on Process Plant Design systems, an introduction

Process Plant Design – Data Life Cycle. Introducing R.O.I. for Design systems using distributed and data centric data structures in the Process Plant Data Life Cycle Collaboration and design delivery is quickened using specialized enterprise data and reporting structure’s, this … Continue reading

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On Line Design – Log on Design Deliver

Log on Design Deliver, SaaS CAD promises to make it all this easy

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Do Your Design On Line

Hello every one, this is the start of the BLOG, we hope you all enjoy the posts Continue reading

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